When the interior design team of Graves + Associates first met with Tacoma-based TrueBlue to discuss the design of its new 10th-floor office, they knew “there would be an opportunity to create a very unique space,” according to Shannon Lynn, G+A’s director of interior design. Originally built by Weyerhaeuser in 1910, and later remodeled in 1954, the office occupied by the Fortune 500 staffing company had a very midcentury-modern vibe, which G+A endeavored to preserve while updating the finishes and staying true to the company’s Pacific Northwest roots. Iron and natural wood treatments were used throughout, and designers maximized natural light and hung procured artwork by local creators wherever possible.

Majestic mountains

Though Mount Rainier is visible from most of the company’s windows, designers couldn’t help but add these rolling mountainscapes to this common space. Meanwhile, tree-trunk tables carry the overall Pacific Northwest theme through the room while these orange chairs provide a pop of vibrant color.

Collab space

These booths provide the perfect space to chat or enjoy a meal — or both.

Never-bored board room

TrueBlue employees are going to have to avert their eyes in the company’s conference room lest the sweeping views of the Murray-Morgan Bridge and Mount Rainier distract them from an important meeting.

Courtesy Graves + Associates

A (literal) slice of PNW life

Birdloft, a Tacoma furniture maker designed many wooden pieces that were locally sourced. This table was created from a Puget Sound cypress tree and was placed in the company’s reception area.

The snack station

There’s nothing better than a snack to break out of a midafternoon creative slump. TrueBlue employees refuel at this snack bar to power through the rest of the day.

Just like Forrest

TrueBlue staffers who love ping-pong so much they “even play it in (their) sleep” are free to squeeze in a quick match between meetings.