SiteCrafting launched in Tacoma in 1998, just a few years after websites started popping up on the World Wide Web. Since then, the full-service digital agency has evolved to offer local and national clientele a portfolio of services from web development and design to research lab testing and data science.

When the company moved into its current space on A Street in 2015, it renovated the old warehouse — designed by BCRA Design Architects and built by Superior Builders — and added the research arm of the company called GearLab. User experience manager and GearLab director Chuck Johnston said the mobile lab is part of what makes the agency so unique. His team brings real users in to test clients’ websites and uses eye-tracking software to examine what users are actually looking at, which helps clients understand how people are using their website.

Websites have matured drastically from the original ’90s layout. SiteCrafting helps clients ensure their sites are user-friendly; modern; responsive to screen size; and also are requesting design elements, including video, micro-animations, and transitions that make the website fluid and interactive. The team of roughly 35 helps align company websites to business goals while balancing the goal of the user.

We toured SiteCrafting’s airy space, accompanied by one of their super-friendly office dogs, Frankie the Labradoodle.



SiteCrafting’s office entrance is flanked by a conference room and the company’s research lab, GearLab.


Fun Fact

This fun-loving team breaks out into an occasional Nerf war fight, and one of the office dogs was trained to retrieve ejected bullets for its owner. Talk about an unfair advantage!


Reclaimed Wood

The beautiful mixed-material staircase was renovated with reclaimed wood from the ceiling rafters and is the perfect storage spot for the company’s new bike fleet, a recent addition to encourage employees to cycle around town during lunch or to work.



Frankie the Labradoodle is just one of the office dogs that makes a regular appearance. Aspen, a sweet Weimaraner, keeps the two-legged employees in high-spirits, too.

Open Concept

When designing the space, SiteCrafting went with an open concept approach to encourage collaboration. Each desk has a cushioned file cabinet, so employees can sit and chat together.