In the heart of downtown Tacoma stands a recently restored space that boasts high ceilings, an impressive wooden staircase, and original exposed brick walls throughout. The thoughtful design was intended to create an open-concept collaboration space in the center for staff, surrounded by private offices with large sliding glass doors for quiet calls. Pinnacle Capital Partners, which provides small businesses an avenue for financing much-needed equipment, chose to build a substantial conference room with large open windows overlooking A Street. Beyond the traditional amenities you might find in a conference space, Pinnacle wisely installed a whiteboard with a button that scans, saves, and emails your creative notes from a team meeting. Also, instead of opting for a crowded storage closet, the company chose to install large surfaces to lay out projects, easily file successful contracts in the many cabinets, and copy pending bids without bumping into fellow employees. While the foundational elements of space are reminiscent of Old Tacoma, the modern design and technology today make this office something to envy.


Exposed Brick Walls

Brick House

The warm tones of the exposed brick surround this office.


Comfy Seating Conference Room

Have a Seat

No more crowding around a small table. There is comfy seating for the whole team.


Ergonomical Dual Screens

Two More

Squinting is a thing of the past with these ergonomically designed dual screens.


Take a Break

Shhh …

Take a break and close the door while you take a few quiet moments to yourself.


Brick, Beams, Concrete, Standing Desk

Take a Stand

Brick, beams, and concrete create a perfect backdrop to this standing desk.


White Board


No need to take notes, this board does it for you.