Sixth Ave gets another exciting upgrade today with the opening of Pizza Press, a fast-casual build-your-own-pizza restaurant that combines a sleek and modern environment with a classic newspaper theme. Signature pizzas — with names like The Times, The Herald, and The Chronicle — promise newsworthy taste, but customers also have the freedom to “publish” their own pizzas if the signatures aren’t quite their style. Either way, Tacoma residents can now enjoy quick and delicious gourmet pizza with craft beer and wine at the first Pizza Press in the South Sound.

Owner of the new Pizza Press location is Tacoma native Brian Howe. With more than twenty years of experience working in hospitality, Howe feels confident that Pizza Press is perfect for Sixth Ave because it combines delicious food, fast service, and craft brews.


My slightly-altered version of The Times.

“We pride ourselves not only on our fresh and local ingredients obtained through local purveyors, but on our customer service,” said Howe. “Our editors who create the pizzas are attentive to customers by walking them through our Pizza Press process and assisting with craft beer and wine pairings. We’ve created an elevated fast-casual dining experience with high-quality food and exceptional customer service all at a reasonable price.”

Howe’s first time at a Pizza Press in 2015 left him impressed by the quality of the product and the efficiency of the business design, so much so that he felt he had to bring the concept back to his hometown. He’s excited to share the restaurant’s one-of-a-kind dining experience with his neighbors.

“It’s amazing that you can get a gourmet pizza in six and a half to seven minutes,” Howe said. “It’s so efficient because we use a press machine for the dough. You put in the 7-ounce dough ball, press it down, and the machine shapes the dough while also doing a half cook on it, which accelerates the whole process. In the world of the fast casual-pizza concept, I think we’re the forerunners of doing something like that. It’s one of the things that makes us unique.”

The name Pizza Press is thus twofold: a gesture both to the clever newspaper theme and to the way the pizzas are made. And the press method really does get them out fast. I visited Pizza Press to see what it was all about, and my slightly altered version of The Times — an olive-oil based pizza with chicken, onions, gouda, and, as per my edits, pesto and spinach — popped out of the oven before I even sat down. An editor slid it onto a wooden board and handed me my creation.

I’ll just say: I did not mean to eat the entire pizza in one sitting, but how could I help myself? It was simply delicious. In about fifteen minutes, my board was empty, and I was full — and sold.

All that was left of my pizza. Let’s be honest, though: I ate that last piece of crust, too.

To test your own hand at pizza publishing, stop by the Pizza Press for the grand opening, but don’t forget to sign up for the Great Pizza Giveaway first: you’ll get your first pizza for free. Those with food allergies can also enjoy a free pizza, as the restaurant offers gluten free crusts and vegan cheese.

To ensure that everyone has an excellent experience and gets their gourmet pizzas quickly, Howe said that Pizza Press will honor free pizza vouchers through Sunday.