In partnership with the National Tourism Ambassador Institute (TAI), Experience Olympia & Beyond has announced the new Thurston Tourism Ambassador Program to train hospitality workers and community leaders to become well-informed, enthusiastic advocates for their region.

The program, which kicks off this fall, has a multi-faceted curriculum designed to help increase tourism by inspiring hospitality professionals and community members — anyone from frontline hotel staff to museum workers and restaurant servers — to turn every visitor encounter into a positive experience. When visitors have a positive experience, they are more likely to return and share their experiences with others. Once trained, these individuals will be Certified Tourism Ambassadors (CTA).

TAI is the certification program’s oversight entity. Since the program’s inception in 2006, more than 50,000 individuals have been certified as CTAs in 18 U.S. states and Bermuda, involving more than 100 convention visitor bureaus.

Experience Olympia & Beyond will be holding a free information session about the Thurston Tourism Ambassador program Sept. 23. Click here to register.