The Tacoma City Council recently approved Ordinance 28508, which requires landlords to give tenants living in the city eviction notices at least 90 days in advance when their “tenancy is being terminated due to demolition, substantial rehabilitation or change of use of a residential dwelling.”

The former requirement for notice was only 20 days. Ordinance 28508 is temporary, and will come into effect in May, and last until September 30, 2018. The ordinance aims to provide temporary relief to tenants while city leaders work to find more permanent solutions to Tacoma’s housing crisis.

“The rising cost of housing in Tacoma impacts us all, but being displaced in this climate creates a particular hardship for our most vulnerable neighbors,” said Mayor Victoria Woodards.

The City of Tacoma remains dedicated to adhering to the Fair Housing Law and Landlord-Tenant Rights. Find out more about Tacoma’s Landlord-Tenant Program here.