A new series featuring up to a dozen local technology companies in Tacoma and Pierce County will be posted online throughout 2021 on the Economic Development Board of Tacoma-Pierce County and Startup253 websites and social channels.

The series will explore the expansion of the tech ecosystem and emerging opportunities for growth and entrepreneurship. It will explore traditional Tacoma-area verticals such as maritime and military-veteran founders, a growing data and cybersecurity sector, and those startups employing the next evolution of one of Tacoma’s founding virtues, “grit.”

Photo by Jeff Caven

“We’re staying true to what makes Tacoma and Pierce County unique. That’s our storied maritime industry, our close ties with the military and proud support of veterans, a growing data and cybersecurity cluster, and of course, getting it all done through grit,” said Startup253 co-founder Lee Reeves. “We’re taking this year to uncover and showcase the organic growth of this special and supportive Tacoma-Pierce County ecosystem that makes the South Sound a hub for technology innovation and high-caliber talent.”

The series is designed to help raise the profile of the South Sound as an emerging technology leader in unique and growing business verticals; recruit new talent nationally and internationally; and retain, expand, and recruit specific technology firms that complement Tacoma and Pierce County values.

For more information, contact Jessica McNellis at jessica@s2spr.com.