After months of preparation, Olympia Federal Savings has launched its OlyFed BFF Customer Rewards program, which is a triple win for the community — a reward for members, a sale at a local business, and a donation to a nonprofit in the area.

How it works:

  • Clients download the OlyFed BFF app on their iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • Automatic offer notifications are sent when a client is near participating partners.
  • Clients present the offer and pay with their OlyFed debit card.
  • OlyFed will automatically contribute two cents to a local charitable organization with each transaction.

The shop that receives the business of the OlyFed customer wins because purchases strengthen that business and the local economy. According to Olympia Federal Savings, research shows that for every $100 spent at locally-owned businesses, $68 stays in the community.

Local partners include Bittersweet Chocolates, Sophie’s Scoops, Whitewood Cider Co., and Pizzeria La Gitana, among others.