A new two-story, mixed-use office and retail project on Main Street in Sumner called 905 Main will be constructed on the site of the former restaurant KC’s Caboose. The 4,500-square-foot building will feature a 2,200-square-foot ground floor of retail or restaurant space and a top floor of offices, which the civil engineering and land use planning firm on the project, JMJ Team, will take over.


Courtesy of MSGS Architects.

According to Joleen Peterson-Jones, president of JMJ Team, the ground floor is currently on the market for a commercial retail or restaurant lease. “We envision one tenant to really revitalize that side of Main Street, as that first building there,” Jones said.

KC’s Caboose burned down in 2005, and the property has remained vacant ever since. “It was iconic,” Jones said of the former Sumner restaurant. “Still I say, ‘the site of old KC’s Caboose.’ Everyone knows that site.”

Jones said she hopes that 905 Main helps to reactivate the downtown Sumner area when it opens in early 2019. “We’re just really excited to be the first building on Main Street in several decades. We’re doing brick façade to really tie into the historic main street. But we’re also putting in some modern features like roll-up garage doors and outdoor seating.”

The architect on the project is MSGS Architects out of Olympia.