Community Health Plan of Washington is looking to help employers and employees alike with improved access to mental health resources. The not-for-profit health plan recently announced that it released an online resource center for those seeking mental health treatment.

The resource center’s goal is to ensure both children and adults are informed about mental health and the treatment options available to them. In a year’s time, one in five adults suffer from mental illness. One in five youth struggles with mental health issues throughout their lives. Still, less than half of all adults with mental health issues in the U.S. actually get treatment. The reasons for this are varied, and include stigma, lack of access, and lack of information.

Community Health Plan of Washington aims to break down some of these barriers and help get mental health treatment to those who need it.

“Empowering patients with knowledge can go a long way to helping them take control of their health care,” said Leanne Berge, CEO of Community Health Plan of Washington. “CHPW was founded on the idea that everyone deserves access to care, regardless of their ability to pay.”

According to a Harvard Medical School mental health letter titled “Mental health problems in the workplace,” employees with mental health issues who seek treatment, “improved their productivity, equivalent to about 2.6 hours of extra work per week, worth about $1,800 per year (based on average wages) — while the intervention cost the employers an estimated $100 to $400 per treated employee.”

CHPW’s resource center provides information on common behavioral health disorders such as anxiety disorder, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and many more. This information is offered without judgement and is given in conjunction with other information on treatment, signs and symptoms, and much more.