Woodbridge Corporate Park has unveiled a package of measures to preserve and protect the historical aspects of the former Weyerhaeuser headquarters building and industrial campus in Federal Way.

The measures are proposed in connection with a permit process that began in 2016 and are consistent with the development plans and public announcements Woodbridge Corporate Park has conveyed at public meetings and open house forums with the community over the past few years. These measures include:

  • Establishing a view-conservation easement on the meadows so no development could occur there that would block views, thus allowing the former Weyerhaeuser headquarters building to always be seen from I-5 and State Hwy. 18;
  • Establishing a historic-preservation easement on the exterior façade of the headquarters building to maintain its architectural significance and to preserve the building; and
  • Providing a forested buffer on development sites and putting industrial and generic buildings behind trees so the buildings are hidden from roadways.

It is anticipated that construction of the proposed Woodbridge Corporate Park will create 780 temporary jobs and generate $13 million in tax revenue to the City of Federal Way over a three-year period. Once the campus is completed and operational, Woodbridge will generate an additional 3,100 new permanent jobs and generate $6.8 million in annual tax revenue for the City of Federal Way to support and enhance important community services and programs.