Home ownership, as a key aspect of the “American Dream,” is a goal for many. But in today’s housing market, especially in cities like Tacoma, home ownership has become just that: a dream — unrealistic and out of reach for the average family.

That’s where Green Harbor Communities steps in.

The Preserve is GHC’s latest project. It’s an environmentally-friendly, low-income housing community designed with Tacoma working families in mind. To qualify for a home at The Preserve, an applicant must have a household income of less than $75,000 and work within 15 miles of Tacoma. Green Harbor Communities utilizes a leasehold system that allows for individual homeownership at a reduced overall cost. The community will be made up of about 70 homes, all priced around $235,000 to $255,000, according to their website.

GHC was founded by families determined to help other families achieve home ownership. One of their main goals is, “to enhance the lives of our homeowners by helping them achieve their own ‘American Dream,’” as stated in their mission statement.

The first model home will be open to the public on Nov. 25. To learn more, visit their website.