A new cancer care treatment facility is currently under construction in Puyallup. The building is expected to be completed in fall 2019 and will house Rainier Hematology Oncology (RHO) and Sound Cancer Center (SCC).

The two-story, 28,389-square-foot building at 2916 South Meridian has ample space for these facilities to co-exist and better provide patient care. SCC will be located on the first floor, performing radiation treatments, diagnostic imaging, PT- and CT-scans, and offering support spaces. RHO, which outgrew its previous facility, will take up the remainder of the building with an infusion suite, lab, phlebotomy space, and extended patient care suites.

The new building will complement the other three buildings on campus — also medical offices — in architectural design with a combination of wall panel siding and brick. Upon completion, the space will include a bistro café and activity rooms. It is intended to have a relaxing ambience throughout to make patients more comfortable during their visit.

Construction is being completed by Helix Design Group and Rush Development Company. This is the fourth building the companies have partnered on. The full project team includes the two aforementioned companies as well as Christian Fynboe Consulting Engineer, Air Systems Engineering Inc., Cornell Plumbing and Heating Inc., MB Electric, Sprinx Fire Protection, and JKS Design.