The Tacoma Housing Authority and Cascade Park Communities are looking to help ensure the availability of Medicaid-qualified assisted living services in Tacoma by teaming up to provide 145 affordable apartments for those in need.

Cascade Park Communities, which accepts both private pay and Medicaid, own and manage the two properties: Cascade Park Vista in North Tacoma and Cascade Park Gardens in South Tacoma. Tacoma Housing Authority will subsidize these two properties and clients who need the services will have priority placement.

“The Tacoma Housing Authority’s main job is to provide or finance affordable housing for Tacoma residents who need help to afford a home,” Michael Mirra, executive director of Tacoma Housing Authority, said in a statement. “Assisted living facilities that accept Medicaid are near impossible to find in Tacoma and Pierce County. Partnering with Cascade Park Communities is a very good use of a scarce housing dollar because it makes much-needed services available to a population that often cannot afford them.”

Subsidized rentals will be available to applicants that are at or below 30 percent of the average area median income (a select number of units will be available for those at 40 percent and 50 percent) and in need of dementia care or behavioral health services who qualify for Medicaid.

In addition, Cascade Park Communities will offer adult day services, Active Day, to Tacoma Housing Authority clients to help meet the functional and cognitive needs of senior and disabled clients, and assist them in maintaining their independence. Services include shuttle transportation, nursing services, physical therapy, nutrition, activities, and more.

For more information, visit the Tacoma Housing Authority’s website.

Thumbnail photo by Toa Heftiba via Pexels.