Dane Gregory Meyer

Imagine an office that includes water slides, arcade games, a mini golf course, and a candy store, and where a pair of fuzzy wolf ears is part of the uniform. 

This is the reality for Nadine Miracle, who has been running the show as general manager at the kid-tested, parent-approved Great Wolf Lodge Grand Mound resort for close to two years. 

At 31, Miracle is one of the national hotel chain’s youngest general managers, yet she has been with the company for more than 11 years. After interning at the Great Wolf Lodge’s Poconos location, she instantly knew what she wanted to do: hospitality. 

The people-focused and strategy-driven approach of the brand mirrored the attributes Miracle said were innate in her. In particular, Miracle embraces the company’s “servant leadership” policy, which means that the company’s leaders are working for the team, not the other way around. With that support from management, employees are inspired to treat guests with great service, she said.

 “It was the most fun I ever had at a job,” she said. From there, she launched into hospitality classes and earned her bachelor’s degree in that field.

She returned to Great Wolf Lodge after graduation and has been loyal to the brand ever since.

 “What I truly love is the ability to have a positive impact on others, both the guests and the employees,” she said. “Every day is unique at Great Wolf Lodge. I have the ability to interact with others, and I’m always on the move. It’s very high-energy.”

Miracle is married to her college sweetheart, David. They have two children, Cooper, 3, and Clay, 2.

Keep reading to see what this wolf-ear-wearing wunderkind does on a typical day.

5:30 a.m | I am an early riser, and I tend to be out of the house before my husband and kids wake up. I pull up an audiobook on Audible for my 20-minute commute.

7 a.m. | First on the agenda are emails and reports because being a strong communicator and ensuring that I am relaying important information and initiatives to our team is a big part of my job.

9 a.m. | Our team dives into our weekly business-performance meeting, followed by one-on-one meetings with lodge leaders to review department initiatives and needs.

10 a.m. | Our department leaders meet daily to discuss operations and goals for the day.

11 a.m. | I partner with director of retail Mistina Willmaser to look at how we are improving guest experiences. Today we are meeting about a partnership between Build-A-Bear and Great Wolf.

Noon | Meeting my buddy Wiley and his helper; he is our “Pack Leader.” It’s great to see Wiley and our characters engaging with our guests.


1 p.m. | Lodge taste-testing begins. As the general manager, it also is my responsibility to ensure we’re delivering a quality product in the food we serve.

2 p.m. | Our lodge in Grand Mound is unique to the Great Wolf Lodge brand, as it is a partnership with the Chehalis Tribe. I meet with them once a month to discuss lodge updates and performance.

5:15 p.m. | It’s time for Evening Stand Up with our “Pack.” These guys literally bring Great Wolf to life. We love to have fun at work and close our meetings with a “stomp, stomp, clap, clap, and … HOWL!”

6 p.m. | I’m back home in time to journey out for a hike in the great outdoors with my husband and two sons before calling it a night.