The first members of the Heal the Heart of Tacoma initiative’s Core Coordinating Team have been appointed by the Tacoma City Council. 

Heal the Heart of Tacoma was established by the Tacoma City Council and Tacoma’s mayor, Victoria Woodards, this past October. The initiative aims to make positive changes and strengthen equity in communities, calling on governments and institutions to act on intergenerational issues of systemic racism.

By approving Resolution 40708, the city council has appointed individuals recommended by the Community Vitality and Safety Committee, the Commission on Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, and the Human Rights Commission.

Roughly half the team’s 17 members are Black. Other members of the team include Asian, Pacific Islander, Indigenous, and Latinx residents. 

According to the City of Tacoma’s webpage explaining the initiative, Heal the Heart of Tacoma calls on government and other institutions to:

  • Acknowledge the harm done by long-standing systems and institutions
  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of those harms by listening to the community and creating a local record of past and present impacts on individuals, families, and the community as a whole
  • Repair the harm done by taking steps to reduce impacts and prevent repeated harms
  • Transform systems by making concrete changes in collaboration with communities most impacted

“The city council and I expressed a desire to create a model of anti-racist systems transformation that would be tailored to the specific needs of the Tacoma community, and the Core Coordinating Team will add great value, insights, and expertise to this effort,” Woodards said in a press release. “As we embark on this new and innovative approach, we as a city and a community will be learning together as we go. I welcome the lessons and growth that will come through this process.”

Mayor Woodards is still finalizing details of a stipend that will pay the members of the Core Coordinating Team for their time and expertise.