At the heart of University Place, there’s a company actively working to end water contamination from toxic-forever chemicals.

Aquagga Inc., one of the eight finalists selected for the upcoming Kitsap Bank 2020 edg3 FUND Awards, uses technologies developed in a laboratory and in the field to make safer water a reality. These chemicals, known as PFAS, affect the water we drink. According to Aguagga, Inc.’s website, 99 percent of us have PFAS in our blood.

Aquagga’s business model reflects the company’s ideals. The founders aspire to be what’s known as a “zebra company,” where positive social and environmental impact is equally weighed with profit as a driving force.

Aquagga co-founder Brian Pinkard said that right now, most of the company’s technological advancement efforts are taking place at the University of Washington. If Aquagga won the edg3 FUND, Pinkard said, it would use the awarded funds to acquire its own lab space and work on systems “to prove that our technology can function robustly and reliably in a real-world setting.”

Vote between Oct. 26 and Nov. 6 here for your favorite of the eight edg3 FUND finalists. The business with the most votes will receive the $5,000 Public Favorite Award.