McFarland Cascade, located in the Tacoma Tideflats since 1974, specializes in pressure-treated wood products, from utility poles to residential lumber. The 215-person company provides hundreds of thousands of poles per year for electrical utility and telecommunications lines around the world (made from Douglas fir and western red cedar in Tacoma). The other half of the 43-acre facility is dedicated to pressure-treating wood boards, plywood, and dimensional lumber for use in outdoor applications. Half a million feet of sawn lumber is treated each day in giant pressure-cooker-type structures called retorts. About 80 percent of its products ship by rail and truck to the U.S. and Canada, and the rest travel by containers to far-flung locales like Tahiti and Japan. Said Kyle Cassidy, quality assurance technical services manager: “McFarland Cascade is a leader in the treated wood industry due to the focus and integrity of our highly skilled employees that consistently add value with superior quality, customer support and innovation. This winning formula has helped us build amazing relationships with our customers and all the fine people we work with every day.”

Presented by Impact Washington and Manufacturing Industrial Council South Sound