A manufacturer of precast and prestressed concrete, Concrete Tech was founded in 1951 in the Port of Tacoma/Tacoma Tideflats area as the first prestressed concrete facility in the United States. Situated on 30 acres, Concrete Tech has 160 field plant jobs and 56 administrative jobs (with seven languages spoken), and batches its own concrete; bends its own rebar; and forms, pours, and ships its own pieces. ⃝ The company has long been known for its innovation in using concrete, including in items you see every day, like girders for roadway bridges, parking garages, piers, and docks for large ships and floating bridges; to special projects, like Cheney Stadium, T-Mobile Park, and the Disney World Monorail. Precast concrete — which is much stronger than concrete poured on a construction site — allows for project acceleration. ⃝ In the plant, products are built, cured, and stripped on a daily basis. Said Jim Parkins, the company’s director of marketing: “(Our) employees have a collective pride in our product. We can hardly drive a mile down a road in the Puget Sound without encountering a significant structure we contributed to. We also appreciate working for ownership that invests in the innovation and capability to keep (us) at the top of our industry.”