Dry, sweet, or somewhere in between, a good cider is hard to beat. Tacoma residents soon will have the chance to try different varieties of local ciders straight from the tap with the arrival of a new Locust Cider taproom, coming soon to historic 6th Avenue.

Locust plans to begin construction on their new Tacoma taproom — next door to Jazzbones — in April. The new taproom will be Locust Cider’s fourth location joining Ballard; Fort Worth, Texas; and the chain’s headquarters in Woodinville.

“On a very high level, we are opening new taprooms, so we can get as close to our customers as possible. It’s fine to throw some cans on the grocery store shelves and hope people buy them. But what does a customer learn about us? What do we learn about the customer?” Founder Jason Spears wrote in an email. “That can of cider doesn’t tell them about the people who worked so hard to make their cider, about how we source apples from all over the (Pacific Northwest), or that we work with some of the world’s biggest growers and orchards — as small as 2 acres — about our cause (Hydrocephalus).”

Photo courtesy of Locust Cider

When it came to choosing Tacoma, Spears noted that the Locust Cider team was very selective about where to open taprooms and explained why this location felt right.

“When we decide on a new location, it’s made more on a gut feeling we get when hanging out in the neighborhood. The decision wasn’t so much to open in Tacoma; the decision was to open on 6th Avenue in Tacoma,” Spears explained. “You just get a good feeling about the people, it feels good to be there, and that’s what matters to me.”

The taproom will pour 12 varieties of cider while offering games and live entertainment. Bartenders, known as cider-slingers, will custom barrel aging cider on site, so Tacoma will have cider varieties that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

For more information, visit Locust Cider online.