While summer days are quickly approaching for the students of Jefferson Elementary School, there’s still the issue of lunch debt to be sorted. This year, the school’s total student lunch debt is approximately $2,000. But between one local business owner, an anonymous donor, and the power of GoFundMe’s community participation, the goal is to wipe out that debt.

Allison Bishins, founder of Allison Bishins Consulting, started the campaign because she believes families and students shouldn’t have to worry about being in debt to a school over lunches. Speaking on the burden the lunch debt can loom over families, Bishins said in an email “We don’t want this to hang over any child or family — there are enough things to worry about when raising a family.”

Bishins’ GoFundMe page is specifically for erasing the debt of students at Jefferson, but she has said anything raised over their goal of $2,000 will be gifted to another school in Tacoma to help pay its student lunch debts. In the effort to raise the money for Jefferson, an anonymous donor has pledged to match the first $500.

For more information visit the GoFundMe page.