Transportation startup Lime is celebrating a milestone moment — three million rides in the Seattle-Tacoma market.

“Three million rides in Seattle-Tacoma is a huge achievement for Lime,” said Isaac Gross, general manager of the Pacific Northwest. “It reinforces that we are fulfilling a need in the community for more affordable and equitable transportation options.”

Ruston Way and Wright Park in Tacoma are among the top places and regional areas people are visiting via Lime.

Seattle is home to Lime’s sole car sharing pilot program. Dubbed Lime Pod, the fleet of dockless vehicles accounted for more than 100,000 of the three million rides.

To celebrate, Lime is asking its supporters and enthusiasts to complete its Tri-Lime-athon by riding all three products (e-bike, scooter, pod) within seven days of each other. Starting on June 27th, the first 10 people to do so will receive $50 in Lime credit after they have submitted a selfie with their trip summaries to