The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries has announced that it is extending by two weeks the public comment period on its proposed changes to the state’s overtime rules. Comments will now be accepted through Sept. 20.

In June, L&I proposed an increase in the minimum salary threshold for employees to be considered exempt from overtime. Under current federal guidelines, to be overtime exempt, an employee must perform certain types of managerial duties and be paid a salary of at least $455 a week. That figure would climb under the proposed rule.

Along with the salary threshold, an overtime-exempt employee also must meet a job duties test. L&I’s proposed rules would more closely align the state’s test with federal standards. The proposal covers employees defined as executive, administrative, and professional, as well as outside salespeople and computer professionals.

The proposal would extend overtime eligibility to more than 250,000 employees if fully implemented. If approved, this would be the first update of the state rules since 1976. The final decision is expected in early December.

Comments can be sent by email to or by fax at 360-902-5300. Click here to find details on the proposed rules.