This is a letter to the editor in response to a column by Dan Voelpel in the September issue of South Sound Business entitled “Grit City Greens? Lincoln Park project could spark economic boost.”

I’m writing because I found the article both intriguing and confusing. As someone who lives near the park and uses it often, I challenge the notion it’s “a failure.” By what measure? Is this simply his opinion or is he basing his stance on some metric? If it’s truly the most unused park in the city, some facts to back up the claim would be useful.

I walk through or drive past the park almost daily and it seems to get a lot of use: people walking dogs, kids using the playground and basketball court, and barbecues and birthday parties every weekend during the summer months. I understand my observations are anecdotal and unscientific but Dan’s basic premise doesn’t match what I’m seeing as a member of this neighborhood. And I’m not alone. When I mentioned this article to neighbors (the Lincoln Hardware store even had printouts of it at their counter) every person said a similar thing: has this guy even been to Lincoln Park?

The article was also confusing because it made it sound as if a decision has already been made regarding the future of Lincoln Park. Is that true? Because a city-sponsored study isn’t a blueprint for anything; it’s basically just a brainstorming session. There’s a big difference between a city-financed study and a policy decision. If a decision has been made, I’d like to hear more about that.

I agree that some of the ideas he mentioned are good ones and I don’t mean to pick on Dan. But he left too much out of this piece to make it credible.

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