More than 60 Puget Sound leaders will meet with lawmakers from May 22-24 in Washington, D.C. to help garner federal financial support for the region. Founded by the Puget Sound Partnership in 2015, Puget Sound Day on the Hill aims to educate government officials about the threats to the region and the crucial role the ecosystem plays at a local and national level.

“We have an effective Congressional delegation who wholeheartedly and relentlessly support necessary federal investment in Puget Sound recovery,” said Sheida Sahandy, the Puget Sound Partnership’s executive director. “This D.C. gathering supports their efforts by bringing greater visibility to the successes, challenges, and remarkable commitment of very diverse people who are working hard locally to protect this national treasure.”

Recent White House budgets have proposed eliminating funding for Puget Sound recovery efforts, including funding for the National Estuary Program. Although federal money makes up only a small piece of the funding pie, it’s still a significant one. With the NEP, for example, every federal dollar spent produces another $24 in state, tribal, or other investments. Much of that money pays for pollution prevention, flooding reduction, habitat restoration, infrastructure upgrades, and other important projects.

Those unable to attend Puget Sound Day on the Hill events can sign a letter of support.