A report recently released by Straight Line Analytics found holes in Washington’s current cannabis analytics regulation market. The report stated that many cannabis producers and processors were sending product samples to several labs in the hopes of getting and using results that showed their products to have the highest potency results, and the least ‘low-quality assurance fail rates.’

Capitol Analysis, a Lacey-based cannabis analytics lab, is doing its part to remedy this issue of dishonesty in its sector of the industry.

The Lacey company is forming a cannabis lab PAC to champion for more specific regulations by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. The PAC has plans to start a public awareness campaign about the issue, create a third-party auditing process, and release data-driven reports that allow the public to gain insight on the industry as part of the Lab Transparency Project.

According to the Straight Line Analytics report, the cannabis producers and processors who send their products to the most labs report potency levels 2.71 percent higher on average than companies who pay for the lowest number of lab tests. Additionally, the report found that labs whose results showed the highest total cannabinoid results tended to have higher profits.

“We are pleased to be forming this PAC to establish more stringent cannabis testing analysis standards,” said Jeff Doughty, CEO of Capitol Analysis. “Given the limitations of the current testing environment in Washington state, we realized we had to take matters into our own hands. Together our goal is to improve the industry to the benefit of producer-processors, retailers, labs, and consumers alike.”

The PAC is currently in the process of creating a thorough process in which other analytics labs can apply.