Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the risks associated with in-person meetings, the Korean Women’s Association (KWA), in collaboration with WorkSourceWA, is exploring a new way of hiring. Enter the drive-thru job fair.

The job fair — to be held Sept. 29 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at 123 East 96th Street in Tacoma — will provide an innovative, contactless way of on-site hiring.

“The pandemic has forced us to change how we operate. KWA is hiring. We have jobs to offer people making a decent starting wage. We know people are looking for employment opportunities. KWA can help those that need jobs. Connecting the dots took some creative thinking but we’re trying to meet a mutual need for our community,” said Pete Ansara, CEO of KWA, in a press release. “We’ve hosted and participated in virtual hiring events as well, and we’re looking forward to providing more opportunities for people to get hired.”

How does it work? A prospective employee will:

  1. Drive up to the first tent, be greeted, and receive their application packet, benefits information, pen, swag, and hand-held flag.
  2. The driver moves to the KWA parking area and fills out the application, learns more about the benefits of working for KWA, and can raise a flag to ask questions or find out more information.
  3. When the application is complete, the driver raises the flag and will be granted an interview. If they meet the requirements, they will receive a contingent job offer of employment.
  4. The driver does not have to leave their car at any time.