On its 110th birthday, Port Orchard-headquartered Kitsap Bank is rebranding.

“Over the past few years, we have examined and worked to sharpen our mission, vision, and corporate values,” Tony George, the bank’s president and COO, said in a statement.  “We think the resulting brand identity closely aligns with who we are and where we want to go together as an organization.  We are taking the strength of the Kitsap Bank name and building on it, moving forward with an exciting and fresh new look and brand strategy.”

At the bank’s birthday event on Aug. 4, Helen Langer Smith, vice chairman of the Kitsap Bank Board, performed the 21 flag salute, recognizing the bank’s 21 branches. More than 700 people attended the event. Photo courtesy Kitsap Bank.

The bank recently introduced a new website design, upgraded web and mobile banking platforms, and made other changes to its banking and investment tools. New signage will also be installed at the bank’s 21 locations across Western Washington.

“The brand mark represents our heritage and independence as one of the few family-owned and women-owned financial institutions in Washington,” Shannon Childs, senior vice president and marketing director, said in a statement. “We share a fearless, trailblazing nature with many of our clients who are also family-owned businesses.  The logo, a blue and golden yellow flag, echoes the nautical history of the Puget Sound region and the adventurous spirit of the pioneers who settled it.”

According to its recent statement, Kitsap Bank collaborated with Bullseye Creative, Inc., Sitecrafting, Inc., Plumb Signs, Inc., and GMA Research throughout its rebranding efforts.

Established on August 8, 1908, the bank now has over $1 billion in assets and provides a full set of services to both commercial and individual clients. Led by three generations of the Langer family, including Frank Langer, Hannah Langer, and Helen Langer Smith, the bank remains a family-owned, women-owned financial institution. For more information, visit www.kitsapbank.com.