Three years ago, data scientists at the University of Washington Tacoma created a machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) powered risk prediction platform called KenSci.

Today, KenSci has seen tremendous growth and brought in a total of $30.5 million. Its recent Series B funding, which aimed to fuel growth, raised an additional $22 million.

KenSci aims to reduce pharmacy costs and improving the quality of healthcare by way of trend detection and clustering. This technology allows for healthcare providers and payers alike to make more informed decisions, ultimately saving costs and lives. Co-Founder and CEO of KenSci, Samir Manjure, was a longtime Microsoft executive.

“In the last two years, we’ve singularly invested ourselves in building a platform that simplifies the way health systems look at their data and gain actionable, predictive insights to save lives and costs,” Manjure said. “With this round of funding, we’re excited to take these capabilities to a global stage with partners who complement our capabilities and are committed to helping us drive this transformation across the care continuum.”

Recently, KenSci’s research in predictive analytics won it the Best in Category award at AIMed North America 2018. Additionally, the Microsoft Health Innovation Awards recognized KenSci as the best use of AI and machine learning.

Thumbnail photo by from Pexels.