I Know How She Does ItI Know How She Does It

Have you ever wondered how successful women seem to do it all? Author and productivity queen Laura Vanderkam sought to find the answer by tapping successful women across every industry and challenging them to keep a detailed account of their weeks, in 15-minute increments. The result is this thoughtful analysis of how women spend their days and a guide for how to carve out time for the things that really matter and let go of things that don’t.

Portfolio | $17

The Apology ImpulseThe Apology Impulse

Issuing an apology doesn’t seem like something one might need a playbook to navigate. However, if you’re a CEO, marketer, or digital influencer, it’s recommended to take a moment to think about how to deliver a meaningful apology, when to say you’re sorry, or whether you should say anything at all. That’s why authors Sean O’Meara and Cary Cooper packed The Apology Impulse with case studies of companies’ biggest apology blunders and successes. 

Kogan Page | $19.95

Think Like AmazonThink Like Amazon

Penned by the former Amazon executive who helped launch the Amazon Marketplace, Think Like Amazon helps business leaders ask themselves the question, “What would Jeff [Bezos] do?” After all, that’s the most common question author John Rossman receives as he advises executives who want to learn the secret of Amazon’s success. 

McGraw-Hill | $28

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