Despite the recent trends in smartwatches and designer smartwatches, classic non-operating-system-based analog timepieces actually are having a bit of a renaissance at the moment. Though most of us need only glance at our phones to know the time of day, many millennials see analog watches as statement pieces while we older folk enjoy harkening back to our pre-digital lives.

Whatever your reason for enjoying a good timepiece, consider checking out Crux Watches. Founded in 2011 by lifelong Tacoma natives Ryan Frederick and Patrick Smith, Crux Watches first gained traction when one of the duo’s watches was featured in a friend’s viral YouTube video. Managing partner Smith said the demand was there at that time, however, the company never really took off — until now.

“At the time we lacked the personnel and infrastructure to keep up with this sudden and serious demand,” said Smith. “The reality was that we had to press pause and regroup; establish truly sustainable methods and products. We’ve spent years doing just that, and the result is our new watch line.”

Crux Watches’ maiden line is called “The Sojourner” which currently is only available through the company’s Kickstarter campaign. The Sojourner is a “simple, yet sophisticated timepiece that is crafted with dependable materials and components,” and comes in three case colors — black, silver, and gold — with three corresponding bands and the option to purchase more bands.

The company’s Kickstarter will run through June 8 with all orders beginning to ship by October.