Two days ago, a tornado caused heavy damage to homes, businesses, and vehicles in Port Orchard, according to local reports. Luckily, much of the damage should be covered under standard homeowners and business owners insurance policies.

Renters insurance covers wind damage done to personal belongings in a rented space. Vehicles with comprehensive coverage are also covered for damage they may have sustained in the storm.

“While tornadoes are rare in the Northwest, they can be destructive, if not deadly,” said Kenton Brine, NW Insurance Council president. “The good news is those with the right coverage can have confidence their insurance companies will be there to help them repair or replace their homes.”

NW Insurance Council offered tips for those who have experienced damage to their home, business, or vehicle in Port Orchard.

Filing a Claim
  • Don’t wait to file a claim. Call your insurance representative as soon as possible
  • Make temporary repairs to damaged property to prevent further damage and keep receipts for these repairs
  • If your damage is minor, be patient — adjusters handle severely damaged properties first
  • Take pictures of damaged property and try to share photos of property before the tornado with your adjuster as well
Additional Living Expenses
  • If your home is unsafe, most policies provide for additional living expenses
  • Power outages occurring off your insured property are excluded from coverage under most policies
  • As such, coverage for spoiled food due to a power outage is generally excluded unless the power outage is caused by a loss on your property

For more information on the details of filing a claim or preparing yourself for a future disaster, please call (800) 664-4942 or visit