Gov. Jay Inslee recently signed legislation that will provide immediate relief to small or rural school districts, including Carbonado in Puyallup and Dieringer in Lake Tapps, as they adapt to the state’s new K-12 funding model passed in 2017.

House Bill 2163, sponsored by Drew Stokesbary (R-Auburn), would ensure that districts receive no less than the amount of funding they received during the previous school year, meaning smaller districts would receive payments to help bridge some of the gaps resulting from the funding model that favored districts with larger populations.

“In talking with administrators, teachers, and parents, it became clear that many of the state’s smaller school districts, including the 31st district’s own Carbonado and Dieringer School Districts, faced significantly more challenges in adapting to the new funding model, due to factors like their small size, isolated location, lower property tax base, and lack of a high school,” Stokesbary explained. “My bill provides immediate financial support to the districts struggling the most, including $1.7 million in additional funding for Carbonado and Dieringer in the upcoming school year.”

The bill has an emergency clause; therefore, it is now in effect.