Initiative 1639 — or “Gun Violence Prevention” — was certified for the November General Election in late July by Secretary of State Kim Wyman. To be certified, the Office of Secretary examined a random sample of 11,380 of the total 378,085 signatures supporting the initiative to ensure their validity. Based on this sample, I-1639 appears to have met the Constitutional requirement that an initiative receive 259,622 valid signatures to make the ballot.

I-1639, a product of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, is considered to be the most restrictive of the three gun-related initiatives that have been on a ballot in the last four years. Among the changes it proposes are raising the age for buying a semi-automatic assault weapon from 18 to 21, requiring both state and federal background checks for semi-automatic rifles, and imposing a 10-day waiting period for the sale of a semi-automatic rifle.

The initiative is a deeply divisive one between gun-rights and gun-control activists. Washington citizens across the state will be able to vote for or against I-1639 come November.