Courtesy of BizX

Rose Mednick founded Signs By Tomorrow in 2003. As she sold signage, store-front graphics, banners, and more, she began looking for ways for her company to generate new customers and gain recognition.

So Signs By Tomorrow looked into the BizX bartering platform with the goal of getting the attention of other local businesses who at some point would need the services they were providing. Not only was that accomplished, but Mednick also discovered how much bartering helped preserve her cashflow.

As a minority and women-owned enterprise, the business has now been a success story for nearly two decades, becoming a Tacoma institution as the undisputed solution for signage in the area before recently rebranding as Image360. The company has used BizX to barter for everything from flooring, floral arrangements, and delivery vans to office birthday cakes and employee perks.

“We’ve even given BizX money to employees as a monthly benefit to them,” Mednick said, estimating that the company typically spends up to $25,000 annually on bartering. “It’s also just a really nice way to fund things like taking the staff out to dinner.”

Mednick noted that while she has done direct bartering and trading in the past, there tended to be challenges. But with BizX, all businesses are part of the same network, giving them legitimacy and trustworthiness that they might not otherwise have.

Image360 has also recruited other businesses that Mednick knows would benefit.

“I’ve done direct trade with clients in the past, so having them all use BizX just makes everything legitimate and provides a lot of options,” Mednick said.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt or even shuttered many small-to-medium-sized businesses, Image360 has been able to thrive. Mednick says sales numbers are up to a point she has never seen in over 17 years of business thanks to more traditional word-of-mouth. Acrylic partitions that Image360 engineered to fit between slot machines at a local casino led to requests from other casinos around Washington, for example.

“Luckily, we have been able to keep the doors open and the lights on,” Mednick said, thankful for the opportunities that her community and the BizX community have presented to her business.