Vintage schooner “Megan D” — which was saved last fall by the Hands On Children’s Museum in Olympia and refurbished by a team of local, retired carpenters among other local businesses and trades — is set to dock this summer at the Museum’s outdoor space.

This morning at 10 a.m., the museum closed the southbound lane of Marine Drive to transport the 56-foot vintage wooden vessel from its renovation site at the Port of Olympia Swantown Boatworks to the Museum’s Outdoor Discovery Center. A giant Snell Crane lifted the vessel from the roadway, sent it flying over the Museum’s trike loop, and floated it into its new foundation as part of the Puget Sound Beach exhibit in the Museum’s outdoor space.

Last fall, the Museum saved the Megan D from the Port of Olympia’s boneyard where it was due to be scrapped. A team of retired carpenters from FORMA Construction stepped forward to lead the renovation, which will turn the vintage schooner into one of the most unique children’s museum exhibits in the nation.

Dozens of community businesses and skilled tradesmen have stepped forward to contribute to the project. Throughout the summer, visitors can watch the final stages of the renovation including painting, mast and rigging installation, and propping. Once completed and open in August, the new exhibit will give children the chance to scale a six-foot rope to the top deck, navigate the ship’s ladder to explore the boat’s hull, climb into the crow’s nest, learn about wind power, and even walk the plank.