The Northwest’s best alternative fuels and fleet innovation event is happening now. Green Transportation Summit & Expo offers informational events, speakers, and new and exciting technologies that will be presented by industry leaders.

Business owners who rely on or manage fleets, and are interested in going green or upgrading their transportation, will benefit from this event. The 9th annual installment of the expo will once again offer guests the opportunity to meet similar professionals and others in the alternative fuels industry.

Approximately half of the conference participants help to manage or operate fleets at the professional level.

Topics Include:

  • Air Quality & Climate Impacts from Transportation
  • Renewable Fuels — Renewable Diesel, Renewable Natural Gas, Renewable Propane
  • Biodiesel
  • Buses — Electric, Propane, and Hybrids: Powering schools buses, shuttle, and transit
  • Clean Cities Coalitions
  • Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure
  • Equity in transportation
  • Fleet Efficiencies
  • Fleets of the Future
  • Fleet Utilization — Tracking Alternative Fuels
  • Future of Trucking and Smart Mobility
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology
  • Near-Zero and Zero Emissions Technology

The summit takes place from April 17-19, at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center. It conveniently coincides with LeMay America’s Car Museum alternative fuel exhibit ‘Powering the Future.’  For more information about the summit, and how to attend, visit the expo’s website.