World Vision is among several leading humanitarian organizations calling upon Congress to reject the Trump administration’s fiscal year 2019 budget, calling it “inadequate and dangerous” with regard to foreign aid.

“We are deeply concerned with the Administration’s FY 2019 International Affairs budget request, which for the second year in a row proposes to slash funding for effective, lifesaving accounts that help create a safer and more secure world,” said a statement released by the Federal Way-based nonprofit. “At a time when global crises continue to grow, this irresponsible budget proposal shows a lack of understanding of the significant value of U.S. leadership. 

“If the U.S. retreats, these crises will only continue to deteriorate, confronting our allies and partners with dangerous instability and putting American interests at risk. Foreign assistance funding is fundamental to America’s global leadership and essential to shaping a world where our national interests will thrive, our values will prosper and countries move toward self-sufficiency.”

World Vision is calling for Congress to support “no less than $59.160 billion for the International Affairs Budget in [fiscal year] 2019.”

Per World Vision’s statement, foreign aid currently accounts for roughly 1 percent of the federal budget, with “an even smaller portion is dedicated to achieving humanitarian, development, and health outcomes for the world’s most marginalized children, women and men.”