Tacoma school Charles Wright Academy is hosting the sixth annual Global Teen Summit this week (Sept. 19-29.)

The college preparatory school annually invites delegations of students and teachers from other schools based around the world. This year’s delegations come from China, Poland and Columbia.

Over the course of 10 days, the delegates attend sessions and lectures led by internationally renowned human rights advocates and Charles Wright faculty. The students will also participate in a series of workshops, group exercises, and activities.

Since its inception, Global Teen Summit has fostered measurable outcomes as well as deep international friendships. A group of Charles Wright students travels each year to a holocaust remembrance conference in Poland. In 2013, another group of students and teachers, traveled to Zambia to deliver and assemble the bikes they had donated through the Summit program. They were joined by students from a partner school based in Abu Dhabi.

“One of our goals is to help students realize the direct impact they can have on some very big human rights issues,” said Ann Vogel, International Student Program Coordinator and one of the event’s organizers. “We want them to understand the issues facing the world today and then discover how they — as individuals and in small groups — can affect change.”

In addition to participating in the on-campus activities, the international teen delegates will visit Mt. Rainier, tour Theo Chocolate, and attend a Seattle Mariners baseball game. For more information on Global Teen Summit on the web.