Half a dozen construction workers employed by Integrity Construction LLC on the build of Belfair’s Hospitality, Unity and Belonging Senior Center were shorted more than $155,000 in wages, according to an investigation by state Department of Labor & Industries.

Each carpenter is owed about $25,000 for their work in wood framing from May to August 2015. Because the project received $1.86 million from the state capital budget, all workers on the project deserved at least the state’s prevailing wage.

According to information from L&I today, the Tacoma-based construction company owes $156,692.48 in wages and more than $30,000 for fines and penalties. Integrity did not appeal the notice of violation, therefore is barred from bidding on future public works projects until the money is paid.

Because the project owner is a non-profit and not a public agency, the senior center was not required to post a performance bond or hold money aside until the project was completed – called retainage – for situations like this.

“Integrity vastly underpaid its employees for the work they did,” said Elizabeth Smith, assistant director for L&I’s Fraud Prevention and Labor Standards division. “By making sure contractors pay their workers fairly, we are creating a level playing field for firms in the construction industry.”