Tomorrow, March 31st, is World Backup Day. And that’s a good reason to consider the question: What would you do, if you lost all of your data in an instant?

Businesses large and small need to consider the value of all their digital information, whether held on in-house servers, laptops carried by employees, or merely contained on a smartphone that fell into a pond or went missing.

Data backups provide peace of mind by saving a second copy of important files: everything from client records to financial information to documents, emails, photos, and more. But many people think that backing up data to an external drive on your desk or a USB drive you carry with you is sufficient, when it isn’t.

Data loss is far more common than most people think and all it takes is one storm, one coffee spill, one inadvertent device loss, or one accidental click on a malicious link to destroy all the data that is critical to your business.

Roughly half of data loss is attributed to hardware or system malfunctions, while a third is due to simple human error. And on a more personal scale, up to 30 percent of people have never backed up despite a report last year finding that more than 100 mobile phones are lost or stolen every minute.

Cybersecurity experts recommend an industry standard of 3–2–1 that is 3 copies of all your data stored in 2 locations and backed up a minimum of 1 time each day.

Check this website for World Backup Day to learn more about the dangers and procedures to protect your company from disaster through loss of data.