Hartley Jewelers recently became the South Puget Sound's only retailer to offer “From Solder to Soldier” bracelets. Sales of these items worldwide has generated over $1,000,000 for “Homes For Our Troops,” to modify homes for severely injured veterans.

From Soldier to Soldier bracelets are a designer version of the survival and friendship bracelets worn by many U.S. and allied soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Soldiers will twist and braid parachute cord to create a bracelet.

They are known as survival bracelets, because they can be unraveled and the paracord can be used for many purposes in a pinch. They are also exchanged among the soldiers as friendship bracelets. Often a uniform button is sewn on and used as the clasp. The button clasp symbolizes the uniform. The clasped bracelet symbolizes the bond among the soldiers that can never be broken.

$20 from each bracelet sold by Hartley’s goes to the charity. And through the month of September, the Olympia retailer is matching that for every one purchased in its store or from its online gallery.

A family business, Hartley Jewelers has been operating since 1967. It has a team of goldsmiths and jewelers who specialize in custom jewelry and repair, with special concerns for their community and personal relationships.