The state of Washington has approved a certificate of need for hospice care for Wesley Homes Home Health in Des Moines.

Currently, the company’s clients and their families have to contract with a new agency when hospice care becomes necessary. The certificate of need is the first step for Wesley Homes to become Medicare-certified for hospice; now, the company will embark upon creating an actual hospice program, which will include setting up offices, staffing, forming the key disciplinary team and establishing policies and procedures.

“Wesley Homes has a unique opportunity to develop a hospice program from scratch,” said Executive Director Melinda Moore. “This is our chance to create a model and philosophy of care that fits the Wesley Homes mission, to take our expertise and passion as dedicated individuals and create a team that best meets the needs and preferences of patients and their loved ones.”

“Being Medicare-certified for hospice is the piece of our continuum of care that we don’t have right now,” she added. “It’s a part of our mission that we’ve had to hand over to other hospice providers. That’s not the smooth transition to end of life that everyone is entitled to have. Hospice care from Wesley Homes will simplify the process for families and improve each client’s experience.”

Wesley Homes anticipates receiving full licensure from the state in the fall.