April 20 — 4/20, colloquially, to marijuana users — is the de facto Black Friday of the cannabis market, and sales numbers in Washington show it.

According to marijuana sales tracking site Lemonhaze, retail sales in the state spiked 79 percent on the day. Historically, it’s the fourth biggest sales day of the year for Washington marijuana retailers behind New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve and the day before Thanksgiving.

Local retailers certainly reaped some of the benefits.

“420 was a monster success this year,” said Alden Linn, owner of World of Weed in Tacoma. “We had all hands on deck and still barely kept up with it. 

“It’s the best holiday of the year.”

County by county, Pierce pot retailers saw a 49 percent bump, while Thurston County marijuana sellers matched the state with a 79 percent spike.

In cannabis culture, 420 is slang for the consumption of marijuana, especially around the time 4:20 p.m.

The retail boom follows a March that saw South Sound processors take three of the top nine spots in total sales statewide. Thurston County in particular tops the list; Tumwater’s Northwest Cannabis Solutions continues to be the largest producer in the state, with Artizen Cannabis Company in Lacey coming in third. Tacoma’s Ionic, which makes and distributes vaporizers and cannabis oil, is ninth on the list.