On Apr. 2, the EPA announced it would be easing federal emission standards on vehicles manufactured in the U.S. After the announcement, Governor Jay Inslee released a statement regarding the decision.

“Clean car standards are some of the most economical investments ever made to clean up pollution,” Inslee stated. “Of the many ill-conceived, harmful and legally questionable moves made by this administration, this decision to roll back standards that have restored clear skies to our polluted cities and saved drivers billions of dollars, must be the most indefensible.”

joint statement was released from Pacific Coast Collaborative leaders including Governor Inslee, California Governor Jerry Brown, Oregon Governor Kate Brown, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.

“Our job as governors and mayors is to boost our region’s economic opportunities and to make our cities and states cleaner and healthier for our residents and businesses. This decision does the exact opposite, making America more dependent on oil while putting more lives at risk from pollution and shortchanging consumers at the pump,” the joint statement read.