Financial website has ranked the best states in the country for millennials, and the list is bad news for young people in the Evergreen State.

Citing eight factors, from the economic — the job market for young adults and affordability of residential rentals — to the social — concentrations of bars and fitness facilities — MoneyRates has found Washington the fourth-worst state four millennials. Only Arizona, New Hampshire and Virginia top Washington on the dubious list.

A key negative for the state? Rent.

“Since young people tend to rent rather than own their homes, a crucial knock on Washington is that it can be a tough place to find a place to rent,” MoneyRates’ analysis reads. “The rental vacancy rate is the third-lowest in the nation. Besides that, Washington ranked better than average in only one category, which was the concentration of fitness facilities relative to the size of the young adult population.”

An odd choice for the best state for millennials: North Dakota, which has the second-highest population of people aged 20-24 and a burgeoning job market.