President Isaiah Crawford, the president at University of Puget Sound since July 1st, was recognized Friday by American Psychological Association’s Minority Fellowship program for his achievements in higher education.

An alumnus of that program, Crawford is a clinical psychologist, scholar, college administrator and community leader who received the 2016 Training Advisory Committee Special Award at a Denver meeting, to which he sent a videotape message of appreciation.

“The Minority Fellowship Program has a true and lasting impact on the lives of all that it touches,” said Crawford in his recording. “In my own case, I could not have imagined in my early days as an undergraduate at St. Louis University that a career in academia lay in store for me. Professors, mentors, and programs like the Minority Fellowship Program helped me realize my own potential and launched me on a path of working with young people in order to help others realize their potential.”

The APA’s Minority Fellowship Program provides training, mentoring, and career development to promising graduate students, post-doctoral trainees, and early career professionals who work or study in areas related to ethnic minority psychology. It is committed to reducing health disparities among populations and to advance understanding of the life experiences of ethnic minority communities.