A new study claims University of Puget Sound is the best college in Washington for getting a job after graduation.

Using data from U.S. Department of Education reports, career information website Zippia’s analysis finds more than 92 percent of UPS graduates were employed 10 years after completing their studies, putting the Tacoma school alongside the top higher education institutions in the country, as measured by graduate employment.

Puget Sound’s own survey of 2016 graduates asked new grads what they were doing seven months after they earned their degrees in May 2016. The survey found that 63 percent were employed; 22 percent were pursuing graduate studies or other continuing education; 8 percent were doing public service (AmeriCorps, Teach for America, and Peace Corps); 6 percent were looking for work; and 1 percent were traveling or pursuing other interests.

In creating its ranking, Zippia used data from IPEDS, the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System compiled by National Center for Education Statistics, which includes data on employment levels of graduates from each U.S. institute of higher education.