A University of Puget Sound alumnus and his former business professor will launch their crowdfunded video game app tomorrow, with the duo hoping that the stealth-action offering will catch on with the mobile gaming public.

Ryan Payton, along with investor and partner Prof. Jeffrey Matthews, founded Bellevue-based video game company Camouflaj and raised $555,000 last year on Kickstarter to get the project off the ground. Now, the game — titled “Republique” —is set to debut, eschewing the model that many other mobile game companies have chosen to follow.

“We decided to ignore all the doomsday warnings from many of our industry colleagues and we are not going to follow the mobile ‘free-to-play’ trend we are seeing on the iTunes App Store,” said Payton. “We are committed to the premium approach that some of the top games, such as Sword and Sworcery and Infinity Blade, are taking, because it means quality, and it means treating the consumer with respect.”

“Exoridium,” the first of the game's five episodes, will sell for $4.99 on iTunes, with a new episode set to release every two or three months. The full game will feature about 10 to 15 hours of gameplay.

“Partnering up with Ryan has been an eye-opener on just how much endurance, talent, and sheer pace are involved in running a high-technology start-up,” said Jeffery Matthews, the George Frederick Jewett Professor in Puget Sound’s School of Business and Leadership. “But now that we’ve got to this stage, I am confident that the quality and imaginative approach of this game will make it a winner.”

Students at University of Puget Sound also had a hand in the game’s creation, with interns from business and computer science classes recruited by Camouflaj and a student group performing research duties for the company.