Soloy Aviation Solutions, a company founded in 1969 at the Olympia Airport, was a participant in a record-setting flight by a small airplane last week.

A Cessna 182 Skylane powered by a compression ignition (diesel) engine burning a 50-50 blend of plant seed oil and petroleum Jet-A fuel flew 848 nautical miles over nine hours and burned just 56 gallons of blended biofuel.

The flight over New Jersey, New York and Maine last Tuesday was sanctioned by the international FAI organization that keeps track of world aviation records.

“This flight is indisputable proof that this cutting edge technology brings incredible levels of efficiency, never seen before to general aviation,” said Soloy CEO James Cowan.

The South Sound company has paired up with the Texas-based manufacturer SMA Engines to bring to market the second generation engine and work through the required government certification that will allow them to be installed on other Cessna 182 aircraft. 

The engineering and testing program will be completed at Soloy’s facility in Thurston County, under European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations.